Daily life

The nuns begin the day at 6.30am, when they wake up. They sing Laudes at 7.30 and continue they prayer until Terce which lasts at 9 a.m.

After breakfast, the nuns are dedicated to their work, such as the attention to the sick, the care of the garden, craftsmanship – making their famous scented candles. At around 12:40 the Divine Reading begins and is followed by  Sext.


Then follow Lunch, rest,  None and the Holy Rosary.

In the afternoon, Vespers take place at 18.15. The most important moment of the day is the Holy Mass, which takes place at 19.00 and extends its Eucharistic Thanksgiving with the subsequent Meditation.

The Dinner is at 20.30 and the nuns themselves are in charge of its preparation. After picking up and cleaning they rest until Compline at 22.00. After that, the Greater Silence begins and the nuns retire to rest until the next day.

Every Thursday, the nuns have the Holy Hour with the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. The nuns pray for the members and collaborators of the Order of Malta and for the holiness of priests and brethren.

Every first Friday of the month, they have a spiritual retreat.Each month there is a permanent formation meeting by a priest, who also administers the Sacrament of Penance to the community.

As part of their hospitaller vocation, the nuns manage a hospedería, a guest house where it is possible to organize spiritual exercises, parish group meetings and pilgrimages.