Saint Ubaldesca

The Federal superior of the Comendadoras addresses the following message on the occasion of the commemoration of Santa Ubaldesca that is celebrated today on May, 28th:

The Nuns Comendadoras of San Juan de Acre in Spain remember the liturgical memory of Saint Ubaldesca, who carried out the designs of the Lord, serving in the Hospital of the Order in Pisa.

From here we want to thank the Grand Prioral Delegation of Pisa for keeping alive the memory of our Sister, and continuing to exercise the Obsequium Pauperum as she did: with dedication, love and tenderness.

Saint Ubaldesca, as you know, was born in Calcinaia, near Pisa, and her entire life was dedicated to the sick in the hospital, and in this time of pandemic we want to remember all those who have suffered and are suffering illnes, and we pray that all members, volunteers and staff of the Order are well.

Following the example of Saint Ubaldesca, we continue to trust God and we raise to Him our prayer on this day, so that he protects both the contemplative and the active branch of Order of Malta, and guides the Order in its day to day life.

We follow the example of faith and trust of Saint Ubaldesca, and we pray that the Order remains faithful to its commitment: witness and defense of the faith (Tuitio Fidei) and assistance to the sick and needy (Obsequium Pauperum).

For any prayer request you can write to us.

Kind regards from Salinas de Añana, Spain.


On May 28th,  the Nuns of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem celebrate the liturgical memory of Saint Ubaldesca Taccini (Calcinaia, 1136 – Pisa, 28 May 1205) virgin and nun of our Order.

Diligent in the practice of prayer, often accompanied by fasting, the Pisan saint distinguished herself above all for the charity exercised towards the poor.

Called by the Lord to enter the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, at the age of 15 she left Calcinaia for the city of Pisa and entered in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

For all 55 years of her religious life, Ubaldesca practiced her humility and charity in the monastery and in the hospital of the city, continually mortifying her body with intense and prolonged fasts. The Pisan saint worked miracles already in her life and, after her death on May 28th, 1206, feast of the Holy Trinity, the extraordinary healings linked to her name multiplied.

Giacomo Bosio remembers, in particular, a day when while she was drawing water from a well, some women approached her and asked her for some water to drink: after Ubaldesca, responding to their insistent request, had blessed the water, this was turned into wine, much to everyone’s surprise. For this reason Santa Ubaldesca is often depicted holding a bucket.

Relics of her are venerated today in Calcinaia and in the Church of Santa Ubaldesca in Malta.



Saint Ubaldesca